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Chart of The Week – Athletic Shoes

October 21st, 2019

MSW’s RDE Analytic Framework rests on a study that found that three equity dimensions (Relevance, Differentiation, Emotion) are responsible for driving a significant portion of brand growth.  In the coming weeks our Chart of The Week will be dedicated to sharing RDE results for a variety of categories.  If you have questions about your category – give us a call.

RDE Assessment among men and women for eight major brands in the Athletic Shoe category led to the following observations:

  • As the runaway category leader, Nike easily outstrips the competition in terms of Relevance.  It’s lead in terms of Differentiation and Emotion is considerably less.
  • Sketchers most closely challenges Nike in terms of Differentiation and Emotion, and in fact surpasses Nike on those dimensions among women.
  • While among the lowest in relevance, Jordan is very strong in Differentiation compared to other competitors of a similar size.
  • Puma is lowest on all three dimensions and is especially weak among women.
  • And overall the RDE Composite scores for these 8 brands in the category correlate to MSW’s CCPreference at an extremely high .96, proving the connection between these measures and the predictive nature of both.


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